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Abbey Road Saturation

Waves plug-in aims to add legendary hit-making magic

Abbey Road Studios may be the most famous recording studio on the planet. Much of the equipment inside that has been used to record artists such as The Beatles and Pink Floyd is still around the studio though not often used.

However, through the magic of digital signal processing, some of this equipment can be imitated and, more importantly, used by most anyone. An example is the new plug-in from Waves, Abbey Road J37.

J37 is a Studer four-track reel-to-reel recorder that recorded many legendary albums at the studio in the 1960s and 1970s. Waves has modeled the J37 along with a handful of contemporary EMI tape samples that would have been used in the past. The result is a plug-in designed to mimic the saturation, wow, flutter and other characteristics that the machine’s recording process produced.

The GUI of the plug-in looks like the machine. Controls available include bias, wow, flutter, noise, saturation, high-pass filter, low-pass filter, tape speed, tape formula and delay.

The plug-in is not in any bundle and is available in Native and SoundGrid versions. Introductory pricing is $149, Native, and $249, SoundGrid.