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ABC Radio Honors Black History

ABC Radio Honors Black History

ABC Radio Networks commemorates Black History Month with its annual series Portraits In Pride, 20 one-minute profiles of prominent African-Americans of extraordinary accomplishment in the areas of statesmanship, entertainment and sports. The 2002 series of Portraits In Pride is available to all ABC radio affiliates and is anchored by ABC News correspondent Carole Simpson.

“The Portraits In Pride series combines well known and little known facts about the accomplishments of these historic figures,” says Chris Berry, vice president of radio for ABC News. “ABC Radio is dedicated to supporting our affiliates with a special commemoration of Black History Month.”

The honorees have not only reached celebrity through their achievement in entertainment, sports and politics, but many are well known for their extraordinary accomplishments in the civic arena. Profiles in the series include Harry Belafonte, Quincy Jones, Vanessa Williams, Colin Powell, David Satcher, Rod Paige, Barry Bonds and Michael Jordan, among others.