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ABC Radio News From the Campaign Bus

ABC Radio News From the Campaign Bus

Peter Jennings will anchor his 5 p.m. radio newscast from the network’s campaign bus in Council Bluffs, Iowa on Friday and Monday Jan. 16 and 19 — the first time Jennings has anchored radio from the specially-equipped bus, according to ABC.
The network has deployed three busses equipped with radio and TV studios. One is in Des Moines right now, another in New Hampshire, says ABC News spokeswoman Cathie Levine.
The ABC Vote 2004 Campaign Buses are mobile radio and TV studios, from which reports will be produced and filed and interviews will be conducted. Full programs can originate from the bus.
The bus staff will file stories for ABC News Radio and as well as the network’s TV programs. A rotating team of producers and technicians work out of the busses.
Each bus has seven workstations with computer and phone access and a radio booth. The busses are equipped with portable satellite dishes, Internet technology, wi-fi connection, studio and cameras for live or taped shows and Avid video edit bays.
Each vehicle can accept “shore” power or can operate using the onboard generator. The bus is trailed by a transmission vehicle equipped with a satellite dish and a voice/data system to downlink phone lines and Internet. A GPS tracking system pinpoints the location.