Abernathy, NAB Weigh In On FCC's Media Localism Review

Abernathy, NAB Weigh In On FCC's Media Localism Review
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More reaction pours in on FCC Chairman Michael Powell's plan to review localism in media.
Fellow Republican Commissioner Kathleen Abernathy said: "I am pleased that the commission will consider whether changes in our rules, consistent with First Amendment principles, are appropriate and needed."
And NAB Spokesman Dennis Wharton said: "NAB welcomes a review of the public service performed day in and day out by free, over-the-air broadcasters. As was demonstrated just last week during the power crisis in the Northeast, there is no business in America more committed to keeping citizens informed than local radio and television stations."


NAB Weighs in on AM Translators

The 1,125 AM stations that operate at secondary, very low power levels at night would be among the beneficiaries if the FCC allows AMs to use FM translators as proposed. That’s according to NAB.