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Active Power Emphasizes CleanSource

Active Power Emphasizes CleanSource

Active Power is touting its flywheel-based CleanSource UPS system as suitable for digital broadcast environments.
“No matter what the event on the power line, you will see no change on the output voltage waveform from the CleanSource UPS,” said Chuck Barry, product marketing manager. Active Power markets protection of microprocessor-equipped transmitting equipment from power line surges.
In the event of incoming power failure, CleanSource provides a 15- to 30-second ride-through, and “walks” the load onto the backup generator over a period of 1-10 seconds.
Incorporating a 600-pound steel disc rotating at 7,700 rpm, CleanSource technology replaces or augments UPS battery banks. A CleanSource DC system in parallel with batteries extends battery life. CleanSource uses typically 25 percent of floor space required by batteries. The system does not require a temperature-controlled environment.