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Adelstein, Copps Seek Ownership Delay

Adelstein, Copps Seek Ownership Delay

Democratic FCC Commissioners Adelstein and Copps want more time to consider media ownership rules before the agency votes, as Republican Chairman Powell has planned on June 2.
Traditionally a 30-day delay has been honored. Asked earlier how he might react if such a request were made, Powell told reporters, “I do not accept a delay for its own sake.”
Adelstein and Copps reiterated a request for a public airing of the proposed rule changes. Fellow commissioner Kathleen Abernathy opposed a delay, citing legal and policy reasons. “If we don’t act, the courts may step in themselves.”
Presumably Powell has the votes, 3-2, for whatever changes he might want to achieve. When asked why he continues to try to bring the Democrats into the fold, he said he hopes the items have bipartisan support.
“Because it’s important. Unique views need to be represented. … I was a minority commissioner. It’s important to have an imprint (on the rules) even if it’s not what you would have written.”