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AES Offers Artifact Coding Tutorial

AES Offers Artifact Coding Tutorial

The Audio Engineering Society has released a CD-ROM tutorial project to help familiarize audio engineers and students with the principles of audio coding.
“Perceptual Audio Coders: What to Listen For” was developed by the AES’ Technical Committee on Coding of Audio Signals and produced by Dr. Markus Erne. The tutorial is designed to help audio professionals who are presented with material that has been compressed and contains coding artifacts. The CD-ROM demonstrates the sonic side of audio technology, providing examples of various types of audio coding artifacts. The artifacts are sorted according to type and severity as audio files. Listeners are first presented with distortion grades that are obvious and then proceed to more subtle ones.
Because the lesson considers the generic properties of coding algorithms, the nature of the artifacts presented applies to most current coding schemes. The CD has eight chapters on audio coding artifacts and three tutorials on audio coding principles to familiarize readers with the underlying technology.