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After ‘Stepping Back,’ What’s Next?

Citadel and Ibiquity are figuring out the next steps — and who will pay for what.
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Citadel and Ibiquity are figuring out the next steps — and who will pay for what.

Stabbert said Citadel employees have been measuring the effects of AM nighttime IBOC subjectively — by ear — so far; it’s working with Ibiquity to determine what equipment and resources are needed to figure out a resolution.

That may involve some on/off testing and/or reducing the injection of the digital energy into one or both sidebands.

“We have a general idea of what’s going on; as we step back, we can do empirical testing with Ibiquity,” Stabbert told me.

He couldn’t guess how long the process would take, noting “The sooner we step back and evaluate the next move, the sooner we can make that move. If there is a problem, we want to help Ibiquity tweak it so that it’s less of an issue, or a non-issue.”

Of the issue overall, Stabbert said, “It’s an unknown and that’s why we’re stepping back to work with Ibiquity to make it known. I can only see that good will come of our stance of stepping back to evaluate performance.”


What’s Next?

During a break I asked the chairman if he was still committed to trying to get a vote on media ownership by the last public meeting in December; he had no comment.

NRSC Looks to November for Next IBOC Step

The standards-setting body made up of broadcasters and manufacturers, the National Radio Systems Committee, has set a tentative date of Nov. 29 for its DAB evaluation working group to report to the DAB Subcommittee its review of FM test results submitted by Ibiquity Digital Corp.