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AM Station Promises a ‘Texas-Sized Jukebox’ Aimed at 35-64

AM Station Promises a ‘Texas-Sized Jukebox’ Aimed at 35-64

Here’s how one AM station in Texas is putting the latest radio programming trends to work.
First Broadcasting’s “Mighty 1190,” 50 kW outlet KFXR, had been playing all-Beatles after buying the station from Clear Channel in January. Now it’s promoting itself under the rubric “Rock & Roldies” and using the slogan “Guess What’s Next” to describe its format that draws from thousands of pop, rock, soul, disco, R&B, classic rock and oldies cuts.
The music will range from the ’50s to the ’80s and include currents; it is aimed at the 35-64 demo, which it calls “a large and highly desirable audience that has largely been neglected by the young-skewing music stations in North Texas.”
The station plans to play no commercials through the summer.
First Broadcasting said the original Mighty 1190 was the top-rated local station from the mid-’50s to the ’70s and once had over a 50% share of the entire radio audience.