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AMARC Focuses on Community Media and The Arab Spring

The World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) is gearing up for its Middle East and North Africa conference, which will focus on “community media and the Arab Spring.”

Held March 9‒10 in Tunis, Tunisia, the gathering will explore how the use of social media, community radio and Web-based technologies have permitted protestors to communicate, organize and raise awareness as regards attempts of repression and Internet censorship.

According to the organizers, coordinating solidarity and mutual aid between broadcasters, media activists and communication rights activists is a main issue on the conference’s agenda. Other sessions in focus during the event include a look into how accessible community media and participatory sustainable human development is for women.

The conference will wind down with work toward a “Tunisia Declaration.” This will feature a “debate on a policy declaration and on advocacy strategies, for reinforcing the capacities and to strengthen community broadcasting social impact.”