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… And Takes a Hit on ‘Breast Christmas’

... And Takes a Hit on 'Breast Christmas'

Clear Channel finds itself in the headlines for another, less-pleasant reason.
As reported by Associated Press via CNN, the company has come under fire from women’s health advocates thanks to a Christmas contest in which stations granted breast enlargement surgeries. Criticism has come from the National Organization for Women and the National Research Center for Women & Families. NOW urged supporters to file complaints with the FCC and stations.
NOW’s main home page carries a prominent item, posted in late December, stating that “The same radio network that sponsored pro-war rallies and banned the Dixie Chicks is risking women’s health and safety with its latest offensive venture.”
The contest was called the “Breast Christmas Ever.” Thirteen women won a procedure after writing in about why they wanted larger breasts. It aired in Tampa, Jacksonville, St. Louis and Detroit.
AP reported that the groups think the contest promotes potentially dangerous surgery and leaves winners with no legal remedies should the surgery go bad. It also quoted Clear Channel as saying this was a decision by local managers.
“It’s not a Clear Channel-sponsored contest,” spokeswoman Jennifer Gery said. “We empower our local manager to make programming decisions.”