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Audacy Takes on “The Future of Audio”

A report considers how consumer interaction with audio will be redefined

In a newly released report, Audacy considers important trends for audio platforms. It envisions a world where technology such as facial recognition, omni-targeted ads, AI and voice recognition will help make audio “the hardest working asset in the media arsenal.” 

Sound unrealistic? It may not be all that far away. 

Notably, the report explores HI, or Human Intelligence, in which it says humans will matter more in an algorithmic world. The report envisions devices that anticipate consumer desires, for instance determining moods through facial recognition or whether the kids accompany you for a car ride. Innovations discussed include bi-zonal audio for customized content in vehicles, including a scenario with “drivers listening to the game while the kids rock out to Taylor Swift in the back.”

“The Future of Audio” also mentions advanced targeting techniques like “moment marketing” for media buyers. “Brand messaging will be based on how we’re feeling, where we are, and when we’re most likely to act,” it states.

The report mentions Gen. Alpha, those individuals born from 2010-2024, as already making an impact on listening trends, and considers the capability of AI to identify and target new customers in “completely different ways,” including a move from simple demos to custom audiences like “Low-Energy Dads and Anxious Spenders.”


The Future of Audio includes targeted programming to many demographic groups.

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By understanding consumers on a deeper level, this could in turn leverage advertisements that are less intrusive and more relevant. The metrics of tomorrow, the report states, will be beyond impressions and will favor audio that cuts through clutter and successfully captures attention spans. 

Additionally, the report explores the potential of wearable devices in delivering “personalized wellness” content and foresees voice assistants evolving into more interactive companions. It reassures the reader that broadcast radio will adapt through increased programmatic buying in response to these trends.

Audacy owns radio stations as well as podcasting and other digital audio businesses. It frequently posts reports and other insights aimed at advertisers and others, advocating for the role of audio. While the report doesn’t specify their strategies or a timeline for these developments, the report invites businesses to engage with Audacy experts for insights on adapting to these future trends. 

The Future of Audio – Main Graphic

Read Audacy’s The Future of Audio report

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