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AOL Has 21 of Top 30 Internet Stations

AOL Has 21 of Top 30 Internet Stations

AOL is dominating the Arbitron rankings of Internet broadcasters, and has done so since it joined the ratings service earlier this summer. Of the top 30 slots in Arbitron’s new August rankings, 21 are held by AOL, with AOL Top Country holding the second position overall. (AOL also has 29 of the top 50 slots.)
The noncommercial MusicMatch Artist Match repeated as the top station for the month.
Overall, the top three Internet broadcasters remain as they stood last month: AOL Radio@Network continues its dominance, with total time spent listening of 25.9 million hours and a cume of 4.3 million. LAUNCH was second again with 14.5 million hours/2 million cume; MusicMatch was third at 7.6 million hours/1.3 million cume. The top content delivery networks were Live365 and StreamGuys.