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Arbitron JPGs Are Aimed at Your Station PowerPoint

“Radio Today by the Numbers” highlights reach of the industry

Arbitron has issued a presentation that is designed to provide broadcasters with visuals highlighting radio’s importance in consumers’ everyday lives.

The content is likely to be used by radio salespeople and managers who need to make the case for radio’s reach. It puts basic statistics (such as “radio reaches 241 million consumers each week”) into a visually friendly format. Arbitron encouraged stations to use the images in their own PowerPoint presentations and posted them individually as JPGs and PDFs for station access.

Titled “Radio Today by the Numbers,” the writeup features statistical data on the role of radio in the American consumers’ shopping experience.

Data are gathered from research performed by Arbitron, Scarborough Research and Edison Media.

The fall edition seeks to demonstrate “how radio reaches nearly every American of every age and ethnicity for hours every day and billions of hours every month.”