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Arbitron Mobile, iResearch Tackle China

Both companies call the country ‘largest smartphone market’ worldwide

Arbitron subsidiary “Arbitron Mobile Oy” and online measurement company iResearch Consulting are joining forces to begin measuring mobile ratings in China — the largest smartphone market. IResearch already operates in the country.

The service would begin with an opt-in panel of approximately 10,000 people in China who would install a software meter developed by Arbitron Mobile onto their smartphones and tablets. 

Both Arbitron and iResearch plan to provide marketers, content providers, app developers and wireless access suppliers information on how mobile consumers in the China panel use apps, surf the web, engage in social media, participate in e-commerce, are exposed to and act on advertising and employ their devices to communicate.

The agreement goes beyond China. Both Arbitron Mobile and iResearch can market the data to customers in Europe and North America.