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Arbitron Testing New PPM Meter

‘PPM360’ is starting to hit users

Arbitron has begun beta-testing its new PPM360 technology.

While the audience research company didn’t say which PPM markets have the new meters, spokeswoman Beth Webb said on its monthly client this week call the company is starting to roll it out.

The company recently announced its intention to use the smaller, sleeker meter and now says it’s received good feedback on the unit from persons 18-34 in focus groups.

Arbitron confirmed that just like the current PPM, PPM360 distinguishes between “home” and “out of home” listening, but not whether that listening occurred at-work or in-car.

The company provides panelists with a USB charger for the meter, though it says any USB charger would work. It says one of the benefits of the smaller meter is that panelists do not need to dock the meter each night to feed data back to Arbitron, but rather, that data is sent back to the audience research firm wirelessly. The change also means panelists do not need to be home for Arbitron to retrieve the day’s PPM data.