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Arbitron Wins CBS Backing for PPM

Arbitron Wins CBS Backing for PPM

Arbitron scored a big win in the electronic ratings race Thursday, signing CBS Radio to a seven-year deal for Portable People Meter ratings services. It takes effect when the technology is deployed in the 35 CBS markets encompassed in Arbitron’s previously announced PPM rollout plan. PPM has been in market trials for five years and in planning longer than that; it would replace paper diaries in use for 40 years.
Arbitron plans to launch the PPM system as its radio ratings service to the top 50 markets, beginning with Houston in July, pending Media Rating Council accreditation.
CBS Chairman/CEO Joel Hollander said, “I’m confident that the PPM will be supported throughout the industry.”
The PPM is one of three finalists in a selection process being run by various broadcast groups including CBS. The others are being promoted by The Media Audit and Mediamark.
Steve Morris of Arbitron called the news “an endorsement of our electronic measurement technology from one of our largest and most sophisticated customers.”