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Argentina: FM Stations’ Gear Taken for Alleged Airport Interference

Three stations cited by the National Communications Agency as causing interference at Formosa International Airport

FM 92.7, FM La Torre and FM Milenium in Argentina had their equipment seized in February by the Comisión Nacional de Comunicaciones (National Communications Agency), with the help of the National Gendarmerie and Ente Nacional de Comunicaciones (Enacom).

The reason given for the seizure was that the stations had allegedly caused interference with Formosa International Airport.

The radio announcer for FM 92.7 “Juancito” Maldonado told Radio La Voz that the issue of causing interference with the airport was first raised in December of 2016. The stations claim that they addressed the issue with the approval from Enacom.

This recent incident occurred without warning Maldonado said, though they did have a court order. Maldonado said that they took computers, transmitters, consoles and microphones.

In response to the incidents, the Asociación de Radiodifusores de Formosa (the Association of Broadcasters of Formosa) released a statement that said they were surprised by the action as in past years if interference occurred the broadcasters were told and were able to attempt to fix the situation without having their equipment seized.