ATA Audio Named North American Distributor for Prodys

ATA Audio Named North American Distributor for Prodys
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ATA Audio is now the North American distributor for the Prodys product line. One of the first available offerings is the Prontonet IP codec with ISDN backup.
It's a multiformat audio codec with capabilities such as dual audio codec (two independent encoders and decoders) support for G711, G722, MPEG1/2 Layer II, MPEG1/2 Layer III, MPEG2/4 AAC LC and MPEG4 LD. The apt-X standard coding algorithm is included, as well as bi-directional uncompressed linear audio transmission over IP through its 10/100 port.
The Prontonet IP Decoder also is available, which the company says is based on the Prontonet IP with the functionality of an IP decoder.
The Kronos E1/T1 mulitplexer system allows transportation of voice channels with audio and data across 2.048 Mbps or 1544 Mbps structured links (E1 or T1), using time division multiplexing.