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Audemat-Aztec Adds to Metering, RDS Product Lines

Audemat-Aztec Adds to Metering, RDS Product Lines

Audemat-Aztec will show a new portable FM field strength meter at the NAB show, targeted to contract engineers and stations in small and medium-size markets.
The Navigator 007 has modulation, pilot and RBDS monitor features. It includes a GPS receiver for mobile RF surveys of a single FM station. While the user is driving, RF readings and GPS coordinates are recorded on a laptop.
“After the campaign, results can be visualized as a text file and be exported to mapping or predictive software,” the company stated.
The unit retails for $3,300 and allows the user to check the coverage of one transmitter, the operation of an RBDS generator or the modulation level.
Audemat-aztec also said it offers the AM Fieldstar, an AM-MW RF Field Strength Meter, with a GPS receiver and servo-driven, calibrated “Faraday” loop antenna.
And the company has added Scrolling PS and Radio Text features to its FMB80 RDS Generator. Song titles and artist information from the automation software can be wrapped around with text automatically; text can be customized and configured through a new HTML Web page; an internal scheduler has been designed to display messages at specific time of the day. “This feature is actually very useful when broadcasting talk shows or news,” a company official said.
The new features will be free to existing users. Info: