Audemat-Aztec Goldeneagle HD Is Certified by Ibiquity

Audemat-Aztec Goldeneagle HD Is Certified by Ibiquity
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Audemat-Aztec said Ibiquity Digital has certified its Goldeneagle HD monitoring unit.
"We are now in the process of delivering the first units ordered by our clients several months ago," stated VP Christophe Poulain.
The Goldeneagle HD FM monitors the quality and continuity of analog and digital FM programs; it monitors QI, SNR, DAAI, SIS, RDS, analog audio levels, analog RF level and other parameters. The equipment decodes SPS/Tomorrow Radio and measures time and level alignment to optimize the blend between digital and analog audio.
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Audemat-Aztec Adds Broadcast Manager

Audemat-Aztec will demonstrate Broadcast Manager software that centralizes management of GoldenEagle HD and the company’s transmitter remote control units, IP2Choice and Silver Remote Control.