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Audience Engine Announces New Product, Prepares Partnership

Moving from the lab to the market

As it heads into its first full year, Audience Engine, which launched in 2015 from WFMU, is preparing both a product launch and a key partnership in the early days of 2016.

Readying for a full-fledged code launch in the early part of 2016, the crowdfunding module Mynte will be the first release for Audience Engine. Mynte is a “start-to-finish” fundraising platform for radio stations, news organizations and other institutions to mobilize fan communities to achieve sustainability. Implementation of Mynte with participating media organizations is expected to take place shortly after its official launch.

Congera Public Benefit Corporation, the developers of Audience Engine, are also preparing to announce a new partnership that will allow Audience Engine to reach more independent media outlets. The announcement is expected at the end of January.

Audience Engine also recently launched a new WFMU homepage ( that uses Audio Engine functionality. The design is an open-source and can be repurposed to work with other stations.

Audience Engine expects to also bring on new employees to work on communications, webhosting and implementation of AE at some point in the year.