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Audion to Ship VoxPro 4.0

Audion to Ship VoxPro 4.0

Audion Laboratories will release version 4.0 of its VoxPro software this Friday (Sept. 30).
The company says it includes an “overhaul” of the file format, networking protocols and the way user accounts and settings are maintained in an effort to ease station/system reconfigurations.
Added features include markers, Automatic Gain Control, auto-network, zoom and improved effects.
Users can mark while recording or playing back. VoxPro shows a floating window with time line position and marker titles. Right-clicking a title allows note editing and auto-play from the marker.
AGC limits the loudness on either or both channels. The peak program VU meter with a 72 dB range also is new.
Auto-network enables users to network VoxPro machines. VoxPro workstations connected to a station’s LAN detect each other and stay connected, so users can access their password-protected accounts from another VoxPro workstation.
The 100X zoom feature facilitates editing. Users can toggle between Zoom and Normal modes.
Additional highlights include auto-import, which imports media files that appear in a user-specified folder; E-Z Export, which exports files to a particular format; and improved time stretching and pitch shifting effects.
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