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Audiophonic Reveals Customized Denoising Service

Audiophonic Reveals Customized Denoising Service

Woodland Park, Colo.-based Audiophonic Corp. released information on its Cook Recording Division and Archives arm and its customized sound restoration program. Historic recordings can be sent to the company for denoising and sweetening using peripheral and main system equipment such as, turntables and heads, tape recorders and 8- and 16-channel Ampex and Studer machines.
The service removes the background hash from wire recordings, cassettes and tapes in all configurations. Additionally, the service covers 16- and 12-inch transcription discs, 78s, LPs and 16 mm film soundtracks, optical and magnetic.
The Cambridge, England-based company Cedar’s system is used, consisting of three special-purpose computers tied together in digital tandem to eliminate noise, a declicker, decrackler and dehisser. As a backup plan for recordings with major flaws, such as cracked or warped vinyl records, a special program is installed in a computer from the company’s sound library that removes the hum and “deep pops” that the Cedar system cannot.
For more information, contact Audiophonic Corp. at (719) 687-6357.