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Award-Winner: Burk Technology AutoPilot 2010 with Jet Active Flowcharts

Enables multi-site, PC-based facilities management for Burk remote controls

Radio World this month introduces you in more depth to the recipients of our 2010 “Cool Stuff” Award.

Burk’s AutoPilot 2010 enables multi-site, PC-based facilities management for the line of Burk remote controls, including ARC Plus, ARC-16, GSC3000 and VRC2500.

It has a customizable interface that helps you manage remote sites. Reports can be tailored to individual needs, and can be printed automatically or e-mailed as a PDF to you or other station personnel. AutoPilot 2010 includes network management functionality, “bridging the gap between broadcast and IT by including SNMP and ping with traditional I/O,” as Burk puts it.

Photo by Jim Peck Our judges loved Burk’s Jet Active Flowcharts, which are available as an extension to AutoPilot 2010. These make automatic intelligent site control easier. Broadcasters can design a range of automatic functions by drawing simple flowcharts to describe how the remote control should respond to different conditions.

Celebrating are Stephen Dinkel, Barbara Roche, Jonathan Burk and Peter Burk.

Price: Varies
Shipping: June
Info: (978) 486-0086 or