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Axia Audio Details Partnerships

Axia Audio Details Partnerships

Axia Audio, launched by Telos Systems this month, has several partnerships as well as an early installation. Axia revealed reseller agreements with vendors ENCO Systems, Scott Studios and Radio Systems.
ENCO Systems will be a value-added reseller, offering Axia audio networking components bundled with its systems. ENCO also will license the Axia IP-Audio Driver for use in ENCO DADPro32 application software, which Axia said will allow workstations and servers to send IP-Audio to the Axia network without PC soundcards.
Scott Studios also will be a value-added reseller, offering the networking components with Scott Studios systems, and will license the driver for Scott Studios and Computer Concepts application software.
The partnership with Radio Systems gives Axia clients access to StudioHub+ components, while Radio Systems will provide systems integration services for Axia purchasers.
Axia also said its products were chosen by Clear Channel’s WREO(FM) in Ashtabula, Ohio, for sending multiple audio channels from one building to another. John Riccio is DOE.
“We feed them into an Axia audio node and they’re turned into IP audio,” Axia quoted Riccio as saying. “From there, the Axia gear connects to a Transition Networks media converter, which converts the Ethernet streams to a fiber-optic link. Fiber runs between the two buildings, and the process gets reversed on the receiving end.”