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BBC Ends Shortwave Service to U.S., Canada

BBC Ends Shortwave Service to U.S., Canada

Although direct BBC World Service short-wave transmissions to the USA and Canada ended July 1st as planned, its possible to hear it on other frequencies, says the beeb.
“We have already received reports of decent reception on a number of these frequencies from various parts of North America,” states the BBC in a message to Radio World.
Frequencies beamed to the Caribbean, Central and South America are not be affected, so try the following frequencies which may also be heard in North America:

5975 kHz: 2300 to 0400 GMT
9915 kHz: 0000 to 0300 GMT
12095 kHz: 2100 to 0300 GMT
15220 kHz: 1100 to 1400 GMT
17840 kHz: 1400 to 1700 GMT

In western North America, try frequencies advertised for East Asia as well,
particularly in the early morning, for example: 9740 kHz from 1100 to 1500
GMT, 9815 kHz from 1200 to 1500 GMT, 11955 kHz or 15280 kHz from 1100 to
1300 GMT.

Other options for listening in North America include the Internet (,) C-SPAN satellite and cable and later this year, subscription services for XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio.

The BBC World Service made the frequency cuts as it delivers more of its programming across multiple platforms. The money saved by the frequency cuts will go towards funding the BBC’s investment in online services and in local re-broadcasting, stated the network.