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BE AudioVault 9.0 Offers Text Data Interface

BE AudioVault 9.0 Offers Text Data Interface

Broadcast Electronics says it has added failsafe features to Version 9.0 of its AudioVault digital audio system, including a text data interface and dual network support.
Existing features include scheduling and production modules for multi-track editing, music rotation and ad insertion.
Dual-network support enables the system to communicate continually over two separate networks as a redundancy measure, should one go down. Version 9.0 allows a server to default to the other without interruption to on-air programming. A new text data interface is for “now playing” text.
The company said title and artist text is parsed from AVAir and formatted for display on RBDS or HD Radio radios, or streamed on the Internet. The data interface can hand off the information direct for on-air presentation or for scheduling through The Radio Experience, BE’s suite of broadcast data products and services.
The company says Version 9.0 enhances the system’s simultaneous recording and playback feature, allowing users more easily to start recording a news event and play back the newscast for insertion at the top-of-the-hour while continuing to record. Network features enable recording and playback to take place from various locations within the studio environment.
BE updated AudioVault with a Livewire IP-audio driver to send real-time uncompressed audio over the network.
“With this new version, we were able to provide more single points of control over a large-scale system and allow more functionality throughout the studio facility as a whole,” said Ray Miklius, BE vice president of studio systems. BE also says it has developed an interface for AudioVault in supporting ContentDepot, which streamlines how public radio stations and producers select, send, acquire and automate programming.
AudioVault will ingest audio files from the storage receiver to enable scheduling and recognition with files are viewed within the stored directory.