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BE Promotes Hinkle to Top Engineering Spot

BE Promotes Hinkle to Top Engineering Spot

Broadcast Electronics promoted Richard Hinkle to its VP of engineering. He has been director of RF engineering since early 2000.
BE says Hinkle will broaden his responsibilities as lead engineer for developing and researching products for the broadcast industry.
Hinkle has 15 years of engineering design and development experience, including several in the telecommunications and wireless industries, where he worked on advanced modulation designs. He holds two patents on DSP technology, which BE says are the basis of the corrective techniques used in its FMi HD Radio transmitters to ensure spectral purity in the transmitted signal.
Additionally, the company says his work with DSP drove the development of its FXi exciter.
Other highlights in his career with BE include producing a method for generating HD Radio at the studio, and leading the team behind its 45 Mbps Big Pipe STL and 4MX 50 kW AM transmitter.