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Beasley Georgia Rebuilds With Wheatstone

Post-lightning strike shipment is among latest sales

From the Who’s Buying What page:

Wheatstone noted a series of sales. Among them: Beasley Broadcast (Augusta, Ga.) purchased nine E-1 control surfaces, a SideBoard surface and 15 WheatNet-IP Blades for an emergency rebuild after a lightning strike. Saga Communications (Bellingham, Wash.) purchased six E-6 surfaces, two IP-12 console systems and 10 WheatNet-IP Blades. 305 Broadcast purchased an LX-24 surface for a project on Margarita Island in Venezuela.

KENW(FM) (Portales, N.M.) purchased an E-6 surface and Bridge TDM E-SAT frame to add to its TDM network. Marshall University’s WMUL(FM) (Huntington, W.Va.) added a second D-75 console. WUIS(FM) (Springfield, Ill.) purchased two SideBoard surfaces and a WheatNet-IP Blade for a remote newsroom. CIRV(FM) (Toronto, Ontario) purchased an E-1 control surface, an IP-12 console, WheatNet-IP Blade and an M4-IP mic processor. Univision (Albuquerque, N.M.) expanded existing E-1 control surfaces with four-fader input panels. CIND(FM) (Toronto) added WDM drivers to its WheatNet-IP system.

Washington State University (Pullman, Wash.) added an Aura8-IP audio processor Blade to an existing WheatNet-IP system through BSW.

Evanov Radio in Canada purchased several packages for its Winnipeg, Manitoba, Rockland, Ontario and Hudson, Quebec markets, all through Ron Paley Broadcast.

Wheatstone also noted sales to Seneca College (Toronto); U.S. Customs and Border Patrol in Washington; Voice of America in Washington; Minnesota Wild in St. Paul, Minn.; Alaska Public Radio (Anchorage, Alaska); Skyview Networks (Scottsdale, Ariz.); Cogego Montreal (Montreal); Huizhou Radio in China; and Radio Betar in Dhaka, Bangladesh.