Bext Has New Transmitters, Shows FMeXtra

Bext Has New Transmitters, Shows FMeXtra
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Bext Inc. showed several new products at NAB.
The new DXPT is an FM transmitter in two rack spaces. The 100-watt Direct Digital Synthesis Transmitter has a numerically controlled oscillator; it is programmable from the front panel on any FM frequency and includes low-pass/harmonic filter so it can be used as an exciter or low-power transmitter. Audio inputs include AES/EBU digital inputs and standard analog composite input. Front-panel USB ports allow computer interface for status reporting capability and remote control.
The company also showed an FD 12000 FM Transmitter. It is housed in a single standard rack cabinet and is a 12 kW solid-state unit. Five 2.5 kW modules ensure operation in the event of a module failure. Each module is independent and can be removed for servicing.
Bext also showcased an improved version of FMeXtra and touted an over-the-air demonstration with a signal broadcast by KXPT.
And a new LogR10 FM Antenna is designed to fit the needs of translator operators that need narrow beam antennas. It is a high-gain 10-element Log Periodic Antenna with high front-to-back ratio and virtually no side or back lobes, Bext said.