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XL 3000 Is a Compact Alternative

Bext grows its FM transmitter line

Bext Corp. expanded its transmitter line recently by adding the compact XL 3000 FM Transmitter.

“Following the resounding success of its bigger brother — the XL 6000 with 6 kW of power in a very compact size — Bext added the smaller XL 3000 with 3.3 kW of power also in a very compact lightweight package, only 3 rack units tall and 18 inches deep,” it states.

Like other XL Series transmitters, the XL 3000 can be powered by three- or single-phase AC power.  

“Special attention was given to achieving highest possible efficiency, which will not only lower electricity bills, but by having minimal energy lost into heat it allows the transmitter to operate with low-speed fans and extends the life of the internal electronics, which are not subjected to the typical high heat produced by other less efficient brands of transmitters.”

Protections against high reflected power and other excessive environmental issues are built in.  

The XL 3000 has a front-panel USB connection that allows the user to view or download files including the user manual and factory final test report. This function is active even when the transmitter is powered down or not connected to a power line.  

A color touch screen gives access to most functions. The transmitter can be remote controlled via web page, SNMP and old-school traditional contact connections. Options include audio over IP, dynamic RDS, SNMP2 and AES-EBU digital audio input.

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