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BIA Kelsey Starts Tracking $23B Social Advertising Market

‘Social local media … has crossed the mainstream threshold’

Use of Social Media by Small and Medium-Sized Businesses. Sources: Local Commerce Monitor – Wave 14 (BIA/Kelsey and ConStat)
Research firm BIA/Kelsey has launched Social Local Media, an advisory service aimed at following the fast-changing social media landscape.

Tracking this relatively new market makes sense considering that the company projects 2011 social media spending will be something like $23 billion. In a graph released by BIA/Kelsey showing “Use of Social Media by Small and Medium-Sized Businesses,” Facebook is the new king, surpassing e-mail by 5 percent, with “other” social media a distant yet strong third and Twitter in fifth place.

Now, as every mom-and-pop under the sun scrambles not to miss the Facebook train, BIA/Kelsey apparently wants to be there keeping watch, helping other moms, pops and grandparents — or at least other media businesses — stay right behind them.

“Social local media, as a marketing, customer-care and content agent, has crossed the mainstream threshold,” President Neal Polachek was quoted saying in the announcement.

The venture is getting a running start. According to a company release, SLM’s program director will be veteran analyst Jed Williams, working alongside’s Andrew Shotland, who was described as a “highly respected social and local SEO expert.” BIA/Kelsey also hosted a free webinar this week, “Social and Local: The New Killer Platform,” which examined social’s evolving landscape.