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Big BBC Order for SADiE

SADiE 6 software works with existing equipment

The BBC has opted for another 250SADiE 6 editing systems. This comes less than one year after the broadcaster installed 50 SADiE 6 editing systems at BBC North in Salford, England. The new additions will be strategically placed throughout BBC radio studios in the U.K.

SADiE says that the broadcaster has chosen the SADiE standard “Craft Editor” for audio to complement its radio production and playout automation systems. This decision helped the broadcaster to streamline the range of tools that it supports internally for its radio program makers.

The broadcaster is primarily using the new SADiE 6 as a software-only application on the broadcaster’s desktops, but it can also be installed on existing SADiE 5 hardware as an upgrade.

The company added that the Craft Editor specification demanded a number of feature enhancements for the new SADiE 6 software, including the integration of a comprehensive signal processing plug-in package. This has been met with the iZotope plug-in pack for SADiE 6. In addition, SADiE’s sister company, Prism Sound has developed a USB interface for SADiE 6 that supports the BBC’s 200+ SADiE installed hardware controllers. This enables reuse rather than replacement of the controllers.

The new SADiE 6 software operates on any computer running Microsoft Windows as well as existing SADiE 5 DAW hardware platforms.