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Bill to Delay Streaming Royalties Gathers Support

Bill to Delay Streaming Royalties Gathers Support

Webcast supporters are enthusiastic about a bill introduced into the House Judiciary Committee by Chairman Rep. James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis. to delay payment of streaming royalty fees for six months while an appeal is pending in federal court. Jonathan Potter, Executive Director of the Digital Media Association, said, “The Internet radio industry deeply appreciates Chairman James Sensenbrenner’s commitment to fairness and to letting the court’s appeals process reach its completion before thousands of Webcasting services would be forced to go out of business later next month due to burdensome royalty fees imposed upon them from the Library of Congress.”
BRS Media is urging Internet Radio Listeners to call on lawmakers to pass H.R. 5469. “This bill will stay the execution of hundreds of Internet radio stations while an appeal is pending in the courts. If the bill is not enacted prior to October 20, these small-businesses will be forced to shut down – even though their case is still on appeal,” said George Bundy, Chairman/CEO of BRS Media Inc.