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Bisset Is SBE Educator of the Year

The SBE has named Radio World columnist John Bisset its Educator of the Year Award.

(click thumbnail)The SBE has named Radio World columnist John Bisset its Educator of the Year Award.

The society cited Bisset’s Workbench column and his work as a frequent presenter at Ennes Workshops presented by SBE around the country and at chapter meetings.

The national organization stated, “John has written the well-known Workbench column that has appeared in Radio World newspaper for 17 years. His columns, which appear 26 times each year, have provided hands-on, real-world engineering information to the U.S. radio industry. (They) are read by thousands of readers, helping to establish him as one of the most recognized radio engineering experts in the country.”

RW U.S. Editor in Chief Paul McLane said, “I couldn’t be prouder to learn that SBE chose to salute John. We’ve seen some years of great change in the radio industry in his time here. John has been a friend to our readers, and to me. He’s a comforting presence in print as well as a great resource.

“And he’d be the first to tell you that he could not accomplish what he does without the great tips that come from readers every month. Workbench is built on them. It was like an industry listserv, before such a thing even existed.”

Bisset is a regional RF sales manager at Broadcast Electronics. He’s shown at the annual SBE Chapter 37 picnic on the grounds of WMAL(AM)’s site near Washington, where Bisset handled duties as the main DOG, or Director of the Grill. Bob Clinton of Cavell, Mertz & Associates keeps a wary eye on the culinary work.