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Blue Sky’s MediaDesk System Uses Satellite Speakers, Subwoofer

Blue Sky's MediaDesk System Uses Satellite Speakers, Subwoofer

Blue Sky International is promoting MediaDesk, which it describes as a compact 2.1 monitoring product for critical mixing and monitoring on the desktop.
It is for computer-driven audio recording and production in a close-field environment. The system uses two amplified satellite speakers and a powered subwoofer.
MediaDesk uses the company’s crossover and 2.1 bass management network. It can be upgraded to a 5.1 multi-speaker system with a kit that includes three additional satellite speakers, a three-channel amplifier, 5.1-bass management and a wired remote volume control with channel level trims.
Additionally, the system has analog RCA (-10 dBv) and balanced XLR inputs, switchable from +12 dBu to +24 dBu maximum input level, allowing MediaDesk to be interfaced to consoles, digital audio workstations and soundcards.