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Bob Edwards Finishes Up With Osgood Interview

Bob Edwards Finishes Up With Osgood Interview

There was no last-minute change of heart at NPR headquarters, so Bob Edwards has finished his stint as the only regular host NPR’s “Morning Edition” has ever had.
He signed off Friday and will become a senior correspondent. His first report will about the new World War II memorial in Washington, to air Monday.
The NPR Web site is carrying a “Bob Edwards Tribute,” including a photo album of pictures with the likes of Susan Stamberg, Cheryl Tiegs, Mike Wallace and President Clinton.
Edwards’ last interviewee was his first: Charles Osgood of CBS News, whom he interviewed in 1979.
“You’re the alpha and the omega,” Edwards told Osgood, according to an AP report.
Steve Inskeep and Renee Montagne fill in starting Monday.