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Broadcast Board Speaks Out

Renews call for increased press freedom

The Broadcast Board of Governors, overseer of operations such as the Voice of America, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and TV Martí, renewed its call for press freedom across the globe.

BBG Chairman Walter Isaacson said: “Advancing press freedom is central to our mission, including our efforts to combat censorship online and on the airwaves … As a model of free press, our journalists around the world endure hardships and take great risks to bring news and information — via everything from SMS text to shortwave radio — that is vital to our audiences, particularly in places in conflict or without a free and vibrant media.”

A recent release noted that many countries have constantly changing approaches to press freedom while selectively prosecuting journalists, depending on an issue.

It cited the case of VOA journalist Abdumalik Bobayev and his prosecution in Uzbekistan for “threatening public safety, slander, insult and visa violations.” It also noted the changing nature of media channels such as SMS texts.