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Broadcast Partners Praise APT Codecs

Benelux transmission specialists deploy APT codecs throughout their network

Various APT codecs in a Broadcast Partners rack. TERNEUZEN, Netherlands — Broadcast Partners is a provider of broadcasting solutions, specializing in building and maintaining transmission networks for a substantial number of commercial radio stations throughout Denmark and the Benelux countries (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg). In total, the company manages more than 350 FM transmitters, about 40 DAB transmitters and a number of AM transmitters.

I am responsible for the design, building and maintenance of this extensive transmission network.

Throughout the Broadcast Partners’ network, we use a range of APT codecs in various applications, for both contribution and distribution of audio and RDS/TMC data.


Managing an extensive network such as that of Broadcast Partners, I find that the choice of equipment is critical, as we simply do not have the time or resources to attend to frequent failures or maintenance requirements. As a business, we need to have confidence that the equipment within our network will deliver the high quality and performance level demanded by our customers and the assurance that we can control a geographically widespread network from a single location. We have found that APT codec equipment has been able to meet these stringent demands and we are very happy with their operation within our network.

We introduced APT codecs into the Broadcast Partners’ network in 2010 and we have had a good relationship with the company since. Our network includes more than 50 stereo APT codecs and 15 multichannel platforms.

Initially, we tested the stereo WorldCast Horizon IP audio codec and compared it with several other codec brands that we used or were considering using in our network. We were significantly impressed by the reliability and stability that the APT units offered, as well as our ability to manage the units remotely.

Given the fact that our network is widespread geographically, we want to minimize the need for site visits whenever possible, so these two factors in the product were critically important.

We require that the equipment in our network is as uniform as possible and delivers quality audio and APT was able to offer us a platform that offered exceptional audio performance at an acceptable price. All of these factors combined made APT codecs an easy choice.

The APT Horizons were deployed on the installation of all-new IP connections and on many existing links where ISDN connections were replaced by IP. In 2012, we introduced APT’s latest stereo codec, the Horizon NextGen, into our network, again after extensive testing. While the conventional Horizon IP audio codecs have proven reliable in service, we are replacing these with Horizon NextGens, which are both cost-effective and also offer greater flexibility as they can be deployed in both analog and digital configurations.

The Horizon NextGens are particularly suitable for establishing flexible, temporary audio links over the Internet.

Also deployed throughout our network are a number of multichannel WorldNet Oslos, to interconnect our main datacenters and serve as studio transmitter links for our primary program feeds. In these locations, units must be failsafe in operation; the Oslo provides us with great peace of mind. We have deployed the Oslos largely on E1 connections, but some of the units are working on IP links with APT’s SureStream technology, which provides fantastic reliability.

For information, contact Tony Peterle at APT/WorldCast Systems in Florida at 305-249-3110 or