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Bulawayo Launches First Commercial Radio Station

Zimbabwe station airs just under the deadline of its license grant that was issued in March 2015

After a few delays and with its deadline hanging over its head, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe now has its first commercial radio station, as Skyz Metro FM was switched on Sunday, Sept. 11. Fair Talk Communications, which owns Skyz Metro FM, also launched Breeze FM in Victoria Falls on Sept. 12.

After receiving its license grant in March 2015, Skyz Metro FM had its launch date delayed three times. It was in danger of losing that grant with the Sept. 12 imposed deadline by the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe, but beat it out by launching on 2:15 p.m. on Sept. 11. Skyz Metro FM can be found on 100.3 FM and can be heard within a 40 km radius from Bulawayo.

According to Voice of the People, the two new commercial stations are meant to provide information to cities whose residents believe they are not getting balanced coverage from the national radio stations.

“The long wait is over, we are here now,” said Qhubani Moyo, CEO of Fair Talk Communications. “These two stations look into the active participation of citizens of Zimbabwe, especially from the two regions Bulawayo and Matabeleland North. It’s a platform for people to dialogue and be heard as a people.”