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40% of Engineers Got a Raise in Past Year

SBE also says latest survey again shows benefits of certification

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The Society of Broadcast Engineers has completed its latest salary survey. “Once again, the survey shows that individuals who hold SBE certification on average earn a higher salary than those who do not hold SBE certification,” said President Wayne Pecena. “In short: SBE certification pays.”

The survey finds that the average radio engineer who responded and who holds SBE certification earns a salary of about $81,700 (compared to $78,000 in the 2020 study) while those without certification averaged $72,700 this year (compared to $70,400 last time).

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TV engineers and those who work in both radio and TV were grouped together for the purpose of reporting average salary. This group averaged about $90,000 with certification, and $78,600 without.

About 40% of respondents received a salary increase in the past 12 months.

There were 320 qualified respondents. Forty-two percent work just in radio, 31% in TV, and 20% work in both.

The complete results are available free to society members and the survey is available for purchase by others through the SBE Bookstore.

The survey included 23 questions about job titles, broadcast market size and compensation in dollars and offered benefits. It sought responses from both members and non-members. Responses are anonymous. It was conducted April 1 to June 15.