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Commission Announces Antenna Site Comment Deadlines

Comments are due on or before Dec. 6 and reply comments by Dec. 23

The Federal Communications Commission has set deadlines for filing comments and reply comments to the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking about whether it should eliminate or revise its requirements for access to broadcast antenna sites as part of its media modernization efforts. 

The NPRM was adopted Oct. 25 and published in the Federal Register Nov. 6. Therefore, comments are due by Dec. 6 and reply comments must be filed on or before Dec. 23.

[70-Year-Old Antenna Site Rules Up for Debate by FCC]

The current rules (found in sections 73.239 and 73.635) prohibit the FCC from granting or renewing a TV or FM station license if the applicant/licensee controls an antenna site that is suitable for broadcasting in the area and does not make the site available for use by other similar licensees.