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Canare USA Reports Very Long Lead Times

Shortage of ocean containers is having an impact on its business

Canare, microphone cable
Canare microphone cable

Canare USA, a supplier of cables and connectors, said it is experiencing “experiencing extremely unprecedented long lead times, due to a shortage of ocean containers globally.”

In an email to customers and business partners, the manufacturer wrote, “We were once able to absorb costs for special air shipments; however, the prices have soared beyond expectations and we are no longer in a position to absorb 100% of the cost.”

By way of explanation it pointed to online news stories about “chaos” in global shipping including a shortage of ocean containers.

“As we navigate through these delays, we ask that you would be both understanding and patient with us, as we use our best strategies to bring you your much needed supply of Canare products.”

It encouraged customers to raise awareness of the state of the shipping industry, ask about emergency air shipments and to consider blanket orders to help assure availability.

Canare Corporation of America is based in New Jersey. Its parent corporation was founded in 1970 in Japan, where it is headquartered. The company name comes from a river near the founder’s office.