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Cox Media Hit by Ransomware Attack

TV live broadcasts and internal systems are said to have been hit

Cox MediaCox Media Group, which owns 57 radio stations and over two dozen TV stations across 20 American markets, appears to have been hit by a ransomware attack, according to technology website, The Record. Technoblogger Matthew Keys had additional information.

According to reports, the attack took place early Thursday morning and is said to have hit internal networks and was all the group’s streaming capabilities. Live programming was also affected.

“This morning we were told to shut down everything and log out our emails to ensure nothing spread,” a Cox employee told The Record. “According to my friends at affiliate stations, we shut things down in time to be safe and should be back up and running soon.”

Sources told The Record that the company’s autonomous system, AS397123, has also disappeared from the internet default-free zone as the company attempted to deal with the attack.

The attack follows what was described as the “biggest-ever” attack on an Australian media company earlier this year.

In March Australian broadcaster Nine was forced to abandon its Sydney newsroom and revert to using whiteboards and moving production staff to other cities following a cyberattack.

This article is republished from TVBEurope.