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Deadline Set for New Geo-Targeting Comments

This window is for responses to the GBS technical data

Comment deadlines have been set in the FCC’s latest call for input about geo-targeting using FM boosters.

As we reported last month, the FCC wants to know what the industry thinks about recent trials conducted at stations in California and Mississippi.

In December of 2020 the commission opened a notice of proposed rulemaking on a proposal from GeoBroadcast Solutions to modify the rules to allow geo-targeting in certain limited circumstances. It took comments and replies last year. But now it wants input in response to the subsequent test results filed by GBS.

(If it seems like this issue has been floating around for some time, you’re right. In fact 10 years ago this month the commission was taking public comments on the early iteration of the GBS proposal.)

These comments are due June 6, and replies are due June 21. Use the commission’s ECFS to file. Reference MB Dockets 20-401 and 17-105.

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