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FCC Issues Bidding Instructions for Auction 109

There are 114 applicants for 135 FM and four AM CPs for auction starting July 27

FCC, Federal Communications CommissionThe Federal Communications Commission has issued bidding instructions for the 114 applicants that are qualified to bid in its upcoming Auction 109.

The auction will offer 135 FM construction permits and four AM CPs. Bidding begins Tuesday, July 27. A mock auction will take place earlier in the month.

The commission has put out a public notice with bidding instructions and other important info, including the announcement that one FM CP, in Livingston Manor, N.Y., has been removed from the list; it said the Media Bureau determined that the allotment was not properly added to the Table of FM Allotments and so it was included in the list in error.

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The FCC reminded bidders that they are responsible for investigating “technical and marketplace factors that may have a bearing on its valuation of the construction permits in Auction 109. The commission makes no representations or warranties about the use of this spectrum for particular services.”

It also encouraged bidders to do their own research into the existence of any pending proceedings, pleadings, applications or authorizations, and to inspect any prospective transmitter sites in or near the service area for which it plans to bid, to confirm availability.

It also noted that the Media Bureau has protected the parameters of the four previously licensed AM stations on the relevant frequencies in the St. Louis area.

Read the public notice.

Attachment A  — Permits available

Attachment B — List of applicants that are qualified to bid, with their upfront payment amount and maximum eligibility in bidding units.

Attachment C  — List of Qualified Applicants

Attachment D  — Applicants Not Qualified to Bid