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FCC Issues CP for New Station Outside of Waco

East Texas Community Broadcasting secures an FM frequency in Riesel

The FCC Media Bureau has awarded a construction permit to East Texas Community Broadcasting for a new noncommercial educational FM station in Riesel, Texas, east of Waco.

This appears to be the final outcome for a contested mutually exclusive grouping that arose from the FCC’s filing window for new NCE stations in late 2021.

Originally the commission had identified another applicant, First Dallas Media Inc., as the tentative selectee from among eight applications in MX Group 205. First Dallas wanted to build a station in Golinda.

But East Texas Community Broadcasting asked the FCC to reconsider, claiming that First Dallas had misrepresented its population figures.

For several reasons the commission then asked the two organizations to amend their applications, and the Media Bureau found that East Texas Community was the only remaining applicant to claim a fair distribution preference, so it was named the new tentative selectee in June.

Now the commission also has rejected informal objections from a third party, Albert Alan David, in this case, and granted the application to East Texas Community Broadcasting. The organization also has a Class A FM CP in Jacksonville, Texas. (Read the FCC ruling.)