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FCC Makes Way for a New FM in Texas

7430 Technologies LLC petitioned for new allotment

There is room for another FM radio station in rural Texas about an hour southwest of Houston, according to the FCC. 

The Media Bureau is amending its table of allotments to include Channel 277C2 at Wharton, Texas. The possible new FM station would be the community’s second local service and first primary FM service, according to the FCC. KANI(AM) is already licensed to the city.

7430 Technologies had petitioned the commission asking the FCC to amend the table of allotments, which it has now done. There were no counter proposals or any opposition comments filed, the FCC says. The Class C facility on 103.3 MHz will be a maximum of 50 kW.

The company has told the FCC it plans to apply for the new channel and build out a station if granted a construction permit. The window for filing applications for Chanel 277C2 has not been opened but will be addressed by the commission in a subsequent order which will begin the FM auction process.

The city of Wharton, Texas, was founded in 1846 and has a population of 8,627 persons, according to the 2020 U.S. Census. The incorporated city serves as the county seat for Wharton County and has an elected mayor and city council, city police force and volunteer fire department, according the FCC’s report and order.

The FCC notice states the facility will be site restricted to a location approximately 1.3 miles west of Wharton.

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