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Fix Your Fee Problem, the NAB Again Tells the FCC

Association reiterates its case that broadcasters carry an undue burden of paying for commission activities

NAB, National Association of BroadcastersThe National Association of Broadcasters has made the following point many many times. But is making it yet again: Broadcasters bear an unfair burden in regulatory fees from the Federal Communications Commission.

The association filed reply comments in an FCC proceeding on this topic.

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It explained yet again why it thinks it is “patently unfair” that radio and TV companies must “absorb significant fee increases year after year to not only pay for the costs of regulating broadcasters but also for commission activities that are primarily for the benefit of other entities in the telecommunications ecosystem.”

“To bring the commission’s failure into focus, this year alone, broadcasters will be responsible for nearly $3.5 million dollars in commission costs to oversee the Universal Service Fund (USF), in addition to nearly 20% of all broadband costs, even though broadcasters do not benefit directly from the commission’s broadband activities,” it wrote.

It said the commission must ensure that its fee methodology “accurately reflects the benefits received by the payors of its fees.” It called on the FCC to add a broadband fee category. And it said users of unlicensed spectrum have failed to justify why they should be “universally exempt” from regulatory fees.

[Read the comments.]